Photographs from the conference can be seen here!

Bad news! Ralph Acampora will not make it to the conference due to some unforeseen complications caused by the hurricane Sandy! The programme has been updated and the final version so far can be downloaded here.

The conference Book of abstracts is now available!

A very preliminary programme of the conference is now available!

The deadline for abstracts has been postponed until the 21st of September!!

We are happy to announce that our next keynote speakers will be Ralph Acampora from the Hofstra University, NY. He will present on "Inventionist ethology".

Abstract: Part of the cultural imperative of devising ecologically sustainable praxis is the demand for revival and enhancement of human beings (inter)relations with other animals, especially free-ranging ones. Of late, dormant tendencies of biophilia have been stoked by developments in diverse fields such as inter-species ethics, comparative psychology, and zoocentric artwork. Post-humanist forms of morality are emerging, cognitive and behavioral zoologists investigate the undeniable intelligence and sociality of complex organisms (such as cetaceans, primates, and elephants), and artists breathe new life into the representation of animality. Against this backdrop, and in pursuit of successor practices to the ethically and environmentally problematic institution of zoos, I shall present and advocate innovative technologies for cross-species encounter as designed and implemented by techno-artist/design-engineer Natalie Jeremijenko.

We are happy to announce that one of our keynote speakers will be Prof Wolfgang Knapp from the Universit√§t der K√ľnste Berlin. He will share his experience about interdisciplinary collaborations between arts and sciences.

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